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Who is Dr. Murray?

Dr. John F. Murray is a well-known author, speaker, clinical psychologist and sports psychologist. Known as “the most quoted psychologist in America,” Dr. Murray provides mental game coaching for all athletes in all sports, speaking and executive coaching services for the corporate world, and general clinical psychology services to all of his clients. Dr. Murray is a rare authentic sports psychologist. He authored the book Smart Tennis: How to Play and Win the Mental Game (Jossey-Bass/John Wiley & Sons) in 1999 and it is still selling well. He developed the Mental Performance Index for football which adds precision and standardization to team performance analysis. Tennis Week called Dr. Murray “The Roger Federer of Sports Psychologists” and The Washington Post called him “The Freud of Football.” Sports psychology is Dr. John F Murray’s passion and profession and he also loves helping non-athletes achieve greater mental health, and business executives become more successful. Read through this website to learn how high performance mental coaching, counseling, and workshops will help you in business, sports, or life.

Sports Psychology Services

For Athletes, Coaches & Teams:

  • Individual Sports Psychology Evaluations and Feedback
  • Counseling
  • Mental Skills Training
  • Life Skills Training Team Presentations and workshops
  • Workshops & Pre-Game Speeches for Coaches

For Individuals, Couples & Families:

  • Positive Habit Formation
  • Diet and Exercise Counseling
  • Individual Evaluations & Counseling
  • Family & Couples Counseling

For Corporations & Organizations:

  • Individual Evaluations
  • Counseling
  • Executive coaching
  • Life Skills Training Speeches
  • Team-Building Workshops
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Sports Psychology Interviews and Media Mentions

Hello from Dr. John F. Murray! Listen and watch some of the previous interviews that I have done through the links below. I frequently do interview for radio, TV, and print media outlets. Members of the media can contact me at 561-596-9898 to set up time for an interview.


Comments from Dr. Murray’s Recent Talks: John F Murray delivered a captivating talk at the Palm Beach Flagler Rotary breakfast meeting. In these uncertain times, Stress was the topic of the day, John covered the topic in an interactive manner engaging the entire group and leading to a lively discussion. We hope to have John F Murray speak to us again. Stephen Miller, Speaker Chairperson, Palm Beach Rotary, January, 2009 John, thanks for spending time with our ladies tennis teams last week. You have a unique way of relating to our club level athletes and making them feel world class!!! Your tips on visualization, and relaxation were very well received and I’m sure it will help our ladies to enjoy the game of tennis as well as improve their performance. I’m looking forward to working with you again at IBIS Golf & Country Club!!! The ladies really enjoyed you!! Thanks again! Chuck Gill, Tennis Director.

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Top Sports Psychology Articles and Resources

You can see some of the most popular articles on this website below. To search for a specific article, use the search box that is located at the top-right corner of this site.

Football Psychology Articles

I have worked with several great NFL athletes and I have also worked with the NFL Network in the past. Football psychology is one of the areas where I can use my experience and knowledge to help players improve their performance and enjoyment of the game. Check out some of my favorite football sports psychology articles below.

Tennis Psychology Articles

I began my career in the sports world as an avid competitive tennis player and continued as a tennis coach for several years before becoming a psychologist. I recently began to work with the Evert Tennis Academy to help the athletes there develop and grow. See the article below about my partnership with the Evert Tennis Academy for more info.

Golf Psychology Articles

Golf can be one of the most mentally demanding sports out there. Even the best players can have an “off” day and add 10-20 strokes onto a bad round of golf. Check out the articles below or use the bottom link to see the full archive of the golf psychology articles.

Other Sports Psychology Articles

In addition to the sports that are discussed directly above, I also provide sports psychology services to athletes in most of the other sports. You can see some of my other favorite sports psychology articles below.

Dr. Murray’s Offsite Resources

Here are some links to great sports psychology resources that can be found elsewhere on the internet.

more offsite psychology resources

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