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Enjoy a set of three photos that clearly depicts three aspects of my professional practice, namely, my physical office location in Palm Beach, Florida, the books I have published, and the method I use in helping athletes achieve greater success as shown in a simply graphic!

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Dr. John F. Murray’s Mission Statement

I aim to provide the highest standard professional services in the industry to help you or your organization succeed in a variety of highly demanding and challenging circumstances. This may include executive coaching or seminars for business, individual evaluations and sports psychology training for athletes, clinical psychology evaluations and counseling services for individuals, keynote speeches, or more extensive corporate training and seminars. All our work together is 100% confidential.

Dr. Murray, internationally-known sports psychologist, business consultant, licensed clinical psychologist, author, and speaker, applies the same principles used in his best-selling books, articles, and workshops to help you, your team or your organization thrive. His understanding of individual and group dynamics, top notch training, and over 16 years of experience ensure that his confidential services will help you achieve your most important objectives. His priority is to help you create imrpovements in how you think, behave, and manage feelings and distractions in order to help you to obtain greater financial or athletic success, satisfaction and well-being.

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Dr. John F. Murray, 2015

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