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Culture Change Speeches and Consultation for Corporations and Sports Teams

Sports Psychology Special Feature – Culture Change Speeches and Consultation for Corporations & Sports Teams – Mental Performance Inc – October 8,2015 – Invite Dr. John F. Murray to speak at your next company or team meeting. He will inspire your group and demonstrate the factors he has used for years to help top athletes and teams to develop mental skills to the highest level possible for excellence and success.

Dr. Murray’s expertise over the past 18 years since getting the PhD has been to help teams in sports and business change culture to become more competitive and successful. Clients include the world’s largest global real estate firm, countless businesses and CEOs, the prestigious Saddlebrook Golf Academy where he now consults twice monthly, the Evert Tennis Academy, Olympic athletes, high school and college athletes, and pro athletes and teams in all sports including the NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA.

While speeches, seminars and dinner discussions are very helpful and inspiring, Dr. Murray also believes that the best successes come from working with one individual at a time, and in small or large groups as necessary, but the one-on-one mental coaching and clinical psychology intervention has produced best results.

Dr. Murray conducts individual mental skills evaluations and one-on-one consultation to develop leadership skills and help people become the absolute best mentally that is possible. The best way to gain the most competitive and mentally strong leaders, whether in sports or business, is to do this work consistently with a top professional over a long period of time. Dr. Murray has a history of under-promising, but greatly over-delivering, and his career speaks for itself.

Thank you for your considering this culture change proposal for your team or organization. Dr. Murray will be happy to discuss rates and scheduling for speeches or consultation with you further. Call 561-596-9898.

I hope you have enjoyed this special offer from the world of sports psychology.

High Performance Workshops for Business

Business is the most competitive sport of all and the lessons in sports apply to business.

Dr. John F. Murray has provided a variety of seminars and workshops over the years to those in sales and management as well as to business owners seeking a competitive advantage. Themes usually involve some overlap with the needs of competitive golfers, tennis players and team athletes, and this makes it more fun too.

The bottom line is to increase workplace enjoyment, productivity, and smarts. Helping enhance confidence, cope with difficult challenges and manage stress are just three examples of the many areas that are covered in these interactive workshops and seminars.

Call Dr. Murray today at 561-596-9898 to see if he can meet your needs for your next function.

CBS: Lesley Visser on How Sports Psychology Would Help David Ortiz – June 8, 2009 – See NFL Hall of Famer Lesley Visser’s new article about the unbelievable struggle faced by David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox. In the article she speaks with sports psychologist Dr. John F. Murray about his struggle and likely solution at:
Many athletes benefit from sports psychology.

Dr. John F. Murray Advises Capital Hill

Dr. Murray’s Tips on Capital Hill

I recently spoke with the editors over at “The Hill, the largest Capitol Hill publication. It is aimed at the 100 senators, 435 House members, 40,000 aides and tens of thousands in the influence industry whose work affects the lives of all Americans. The topic is ways to relax and beat stress after this crazy and exhausting political season. The principles apply equally well to holiday, family and financial stress. Enjoy! JFM

Political junkies, take heart: There’s a cure for post-election depression

Are you still tuning into MSNBC to hear the latest poll numbers? Have you awoken in the middle of the night shouting “Country Firstâ€? or “Change We Can Believe Inâ€??

If so, you may be suffering from a new phenomenon called post-election depression.

Take heart; there is a cure — and it’s not Cialis, Abreva or Abilify. Sports psychologist John F. Murray tells ITK that all political junkies who have been wrapped up in the presidential election for the past two years need to do what Super Bowl athletes or Olympic stars do after their big events: Take a break.

The Palm Beach, Fla.-based Murray helps top-caliber athletes come down from monumental events like Wimbledon tennis championships or Olympic gold-medal judo matches. His mantra is relaxation.

“Part of my relaxation session is to have clients go to their most relaxing place,â€? he said. “There has got to be a major recovery period, and some people de-stress in different ways. Some people go on vacation, some go hunting.â€?

Murray says junkies should take advantage of the upcoming holidays to unwind from the tense campaign season.

“You can’t completely shut down,â€? he says. “A little bit of exercise is a good thing, eating healthy is a good thing.â€?

The key is that you deal with the stress.

“If it’s unabated, [stress] can lead to disease,â€? Murray says. “There’s a lot of heart disease and there’s a lot of stress in this country.â€?

Warning: Do not heed this advice if you are pregnant. Do not hold ITK responsible for your physical well-being. Consult a physician if you feel dizzy during treatment. Relaxation may cause resentment towards your profession, colleagues and even family members.

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Dr. Murray’s “high performance psychology” helps people in a variety of challenging situations in business, sports, academics and life. He is a best-selling author & columnist, and a frequent speaker and seminar leader. His commentary appears almost daily in the media. For example, Dr. Murray recently contributed to the Boston Globe, NY Times, LA Daily News, and Newsday, and he appeared as an expert on Fox Television, MSNBC and ABC Good Morning America.

Corporate Seminars

Corporate Seminars

Your corporation will benefit from Dr. John F. Murray’s unique perspective on human performance and his experiences working with some of the top performing individuals and groups in the world.

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Dr. Murray Discusses Sports Choking on ABC’s Good Morning America

Dr. Murray has conducted corporate seminars on a variety of topics to enhance group cohesion, develop leadership skills, improve communication, understand personalities, and excel through proven psychological principles.

He has participated in a number week long seminars to train the executives of various Fortune 500 companies in both Europe and the United States.

Dr. Murray conducts seminars alone and occasionally teams with other professionals. These can be 1/2 day (4 hours) or full-day (8 hours) events, 2-day, 5-day, or regular programs designed over the course of the year to build skills and monitor improvement.

Thank You for Visiting. Call 561-596-9898 or send an email to


Jan 9, 2006 – Read this first if you do not understand the MPI. It’s perhaps the best explanation. The below press release is longer and more detailed


Dr. John F. Murray, the Palm Beach sport performance psychologist known as the ‘Football Shrink’ and called the ‘Freud of Football’ by the Washington Post, will publish scores of every moment in the NFL playoffs this year on his website. He will use his trademarked ‘Mental Performance Index’ (MPI) for the fourth year in a row to rate team performances. The MPI is the first mental scoring system developed for team sports, and accurately forecast each of the past three Super Bowl games contrary to public consensus.

Palm Beach, FL — January 9, 2005 — With the NFL playoffs having finally arrived, Dr. John F. Murray, AKA “football shrink” and “Freud of Football,” (Washington Post, 2005) is taking his unique scoring system known as the “Mental Performance Index (MPI),” public this year. He is publishing MPI statistics for every NFL playoff game and the Super Bowl on his website at

The MPI is the first measure of overall performance including for mental factors developed in sports, and in this case America’s biggest sport of football.

As reported in America’s number two selling sports magazine in December, 2002, Murray developed the MPI and first began broadcasting MPI scores on his Miami radio station.

Murray, a licensed clinical and sport performance psychologist and NFL team consultant, created the MPI to help football coaches understand their team’s performances better. The MPI also demonstrates the extreme importance of mental factors in football by including in the scoring such factors as “pressure management,” “focused execution,” and “reduction of mental errors.”

In three very public tests of the accuracy of the MPI on radio and television stations worldwide, the MPI has correctly estimated the future performance of the teams in the national championship (Super Bowl XXXVII 2003, Super Bowl XXXVIII 2004, and Super Bowl XXXIX 2005), beating the spread each time, going counter to public opinion each time, and accurately forecasting the course of each game. More information is available at

In 2003 the Oakland Raiders were favored to win easily over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The MPI, however, indicated that Tampa Bay was performing at a much higher level than Oakland. This was published in over ten major newspapers and broadcast on hundreds of radio stations worldwide including Bloomberg Radio, CNN Radio, and ABC Radio. Tampa Bay easily won the game.

In 2004 and 2005, MPI analyses showed the two competing teams to be relatively equal, forecasting extremely close games both times even though the New England Patriots were predicted to win by at least 7 points in each game. Murray’s analyses were reported on an even larger number of print and broadcasting media outlets including the biggest sports radio statons in several major markets, ESPN Radio in several markets, Canadian national radio, and hundreds of programs including Bloomberg Radio for the 2nd and 3rd years in a row.

How accurate was the MPI? The 2004 game was tied with 4 seconds remaining (3 point New England win) and the 2005 game was the first game in Super Bowl history to be tied entering the final quarter of play. New England again won by 3. Former NASA rocket scientist and internet guru from MIT Dr. Cliff Kurtzman, who publishes the “Tennis Server” where Murray produced a monthly sport psychology column from 1995-2001, wrote a public congratulations letter to Dr. Murray for the “MPI’s extreme accuracy three years in a row” after last year’s game.

The MPI goes way beyond theory and journalism. Murray has actually worked with NFL teams and players, and has received many endorsements from top coaches and athletes. He will appear on national radio and television stations for the 4th year in a row to discuss his MPI findings prior to the Super Bowl. Murray has been invited for the 4th straight year on host Bob Goldsholl’s “Bloomberg on the Ball.”

Beginning today, MPI scores will be available after every playoff weekend on Murray’s website at Murray will provide all the primary MPI scores including a total score, scores for offense, defense and special teams, pressure scores for offense and defense, and a total pressure score. Murray enters data into a computer program as he is watching and rating every play of every game in the playoffs.

Readers can await Murray’s detailed interpretation on the website and radio programs before the Super Bowl, or draw their own conclusions from the weekly statistics he provides.

“The purpose of the MPI is to demonstrate how important the mental game is to any performance situation, and especially a team sport like football,” said Murray. “Coaches and players routinely claim that the mental game accounts for anywhere from 50% to 95% of performance and ultimate outcome, but then spend less than 2% of their training on mental skills,” said Murray. “This is probably because there are so few authentic sport psychologists and many old school coaches who are not comfortable changing.”

“Since the MPI has been so accurate three years in a row on the biggest sports stage in America, I think people are finally waking up. Innovative coaches like Nick Saban of the Miami Dolphins, for example, already tell their teams how important it is to stay in the moment and just perform your absolute best on one play and in the moment at hand. This is more than cliche. It is precisely what the MPI measures, performance in the moment, with a logical rating system that includes for mental factors and has been refined over time.”

Dr. Murray is available for interviews. MPI scores and analysis will be provided on the Monday following games at

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Dr. John F. Murray is a sports psychologist and clinical psychologist providing sports psychology and counseling services based in Palm Beach, Florida.