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Below: a sample of comments about Dr. John F. Murray relating to his counseling, media, speeches, books, and workshops:

“Working with Dr. Murray was not only beneficial in my athletic endeavors but my personal life as well. Through his guidance I was able to overachieve and accomplish my childhood dream of playing football at the University of Alabama. I still use some of the methods he taught me in my everyday life. I am forever grateful to Dr. Murray and his ability to take a blue collar kid and develop him into a national champion!!! 

RTR – KELLEN WILLIAMS (2009-2013), Pat Trammel Award Winner and 3 Time BCS National Champion, Alabama

“Dr. Murray is the nation’s most prominent sports psychologist”

METRO NEW YORK story on Odell Beckham, January 25, 2017

“Dr. John F Murray’s mental coaching and sports psychology services helped me get ready for the 2016 season with great confidence and focus. We focused on what I have done in the past to help me reach what I wanted in the future. With great confidence and focus we were able to get positive results” 

JAMAR TAYLOR, Cleveland Browns, December, 2016

“Dr. John F Murray is one of the best in the business.”

USA TODAY review of Dr. Murray’s work, April, 2016

“John, you are an outstanding coach and your training got me to another level as a trial attorney. I’d recommend you to anyone. Your tools are invaluable, for anyone who wants to take their skills to another matter the profession. Maybe these cynics will finally learn. Unorthodox for a successful attorney to get mental coaching? Maybe. But you proved to me it’s of stratospheric value. I’m a believer”

FRANK GOLDSTEIN, Trial Attorney, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.”

“After conducting today’s The Eminents interview with sports psychologist John F. Murray, I’ve come away feeling that his advice applies not just to athletes but to most people who want to improve their mental performance. Murray has helped NFL quarterbacks overcome slumps, coached tennis at Wimbledon, trained athletes at the Summer Olympics and even at the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Tennis Week called him, “The Roger Federer of Sports Psychologists,” The Washington Post called him “The Freud of Football, and USA Today called him “one of the best in the business.”

PSYCHOLOGY TODAY interview of Dr. John F Murray by By Marty Nemko, April 2016

“Dr. John F Murray not only prepared me mentally to win a state championship in front of 15,000 people, he taught me how to have fun on the biggest stage under the most pressure. If you aren’t training with him, you’re falling behind. The physical skills are nothing without the mental edge.”

JOE CAPLIS, Quarterback of Cherry Creek High School & Colorado state champions in 5A varsity football

AFTER RADIO APPEARANCE ON MAY 23, 2014: “Dr. Murray, You were spectacular. We truly appreciative for your time. I’m sure you can count on me calling on your expertise again soon. Have a wonderful holiday weekend”

MANNY MUNOZ, Co-Host & Executive Producer
South Florida’s First News w/Jimmy Cefalo
610 WIOD AM & 100.3 FM

“John, Thanks so much for your April, 2014 presentation for Meeting Planners International WestField Chapter. The responses have been very positive. You did a great job and were very easy to work with….thanks again!!”

Heather Hansen O’Neill, VP of Education

Hi John,

Thank you so much for your presentation for MPI at the Crowne Plaza earlier in the month.  I really enjoyed your enthusiasm and great insights! All the best!

Julia Emrick, Director of Sales – Meetings & Events, Ovation Corporate Travel, New York, NY

“Dr. Murray, I was recently officially accepted to play varsity men’s tennis for Clark University in Boston, starting this Fall 2014. I wanted you to know how big and integral a part you played in this process. I started working with you when things were haywire and you helped me turn it all around quickly. Feel free to use me as a reference and I am sure we will be working together again in the future”

LENNY SIEGEL – former high school tennis player in Boca Raton, Florida

Endorsement for MPI and my sports psychology column: “John Murray has been a columnist for CaneSport Magazine and for three seasons now and has brought a unique angle toward evaluating games with his clever MPI formula. The MPI adds a different and also a new and critical aspect to game analysis which our readers have thoroughly enjoyed as fodder for their weekly debates on the team’s performance.”

GARY FERMAN – Publisher of CaneSport Magazine, official publication for Miami Hurricanes football

“I won the world championship in August, 2013 and was the first in the United States to accomplish that goal. I’m sure that my training with Dr. John F Murray was a part of my success.”

Miles Chamley Watson, 2013 Individual Foil World Champion (fencing) and Olympian at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games

“Dr. Murray has perfected a system of self evaluation and taken it to a new and modern level. Dr. Murray has developed a system that is part of the evolution of football: The ability to identify, quantify and utilize a grading system that will aid coaches and players. It is a method of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of every aspect of a team and or individual. It is a system that can point out the direction needed for improvement. Teams, coaches and players are always looking for an edge and a way to stay ahead of the field. Dr. Murray’s Mental Performance Index can be and will be the next part of sports evolution in the 21stCentury.”

Tom Flores, 4-Time NFL Super Bowl Champion, 2 as Head Coach of the Oakland/LA Raiders

“After having micro fracture surgery on my knee, I knew it would be a long road to get my my body back into playing shape. I also knew that to complete my total recovery, I needed to get assistance from a mental coach. Dr. Murray helped me regain my focus after being out of the game for a long period of time. I used Dr. Murray’s techniques of positive imagery and felt the benefits immediately. It helped my game tremendously.”

Tracy McGrady, 7-Time NBA All Star & 2 Time NBA Scoring Leader, Detroit Pistons

“Thanks so much for making me mentally stronger this year. You are the best … nothing like the rest”

Olli Jokinen, NHL hockey All Star, Calgary Flames

“Dr. J: GREAT Job on Good Morning America! I got up early to watch and you did a fine segment on choking in sports. They should have had you on longer than the other people as you were more interesting. As aFederer tennis journalist and life-long observer of the sport, Dr. John F. Murray is the Roger of Sport Psychologists: he has all the right answers and the ability to summon them at the right time”

Richard Pagliaro, Editor of Tennis Week Magazine

In a recent feature article on sports retirement in the the world’s second most read English language newspaper, Rohit Bhasker writes: “John F Murray is a sport performance and clinical psychologist as well as an author. His biggest feat has been helping … make a comeback from the longest losing streak in professional tennis history … this is the greatest rankings turnaround in ATP history.”

Rohit Bhasker, The Hindustan Columnist, 2011

In citing his contribution in an article on boxing in True/Slant, writer Ben Cohen refers to Dr. John F. Murray as “world famous sports performance psychologist”

Ben Cohen, ESPN and True/Slant Columnist, 2010

“John Murray, a psychologist in Palm Beach, Florida is one of the major psychologists in sports. While some sports psychologists are either pure sports science teachers with no training in treatment of personal problems or pure psychologists with no training in sports, Murray offers experience in both areas.” , Feature story on Sport Psychology by Dan Weil

“Dr John F Murray is one of the foremost sports psychologists in the world who helped develop the MPI or ‘mental performance index’ for American football, counts several leading tennis players among his clients and has trained athletes at the Beijing Olympics and Australian Open.”

Partha Bhaduri, Times of India, February 5, 2010

“Hi Dr. John,
Just a note to let you know my 11 year old son Max has made Team Canada and is going to the world championship this August in Pinehurst, NC! He had an 18-hole game plan, contingency plans and a great attitude throughout the day. Thanks for all your great articles; they definitely helped make his dream come true.”

Gary Clift, Kitchener, Canada, June, 2009

“Hi John. These are fascinating articles! I am not even a tennis player, and I enjoyed the recaps from the psychologist perspective about the Sony Ericsson Open.

Allen Burnett, Ph.D., Higher Education Instructional Designer for EDMC

Click here for an article about the benefits of sports psychology and Dr. Murray’s book “Smart Tennis” by a Salt Lake City tennis pro and coach, Badri Narayanan.

“John F Murray delivered a captivating talk at the Palm Beach Flagler Rotary breakfast meeting. In these uncertain times, Stress was the topic of the day, John covered the topic in an interactive manner engaging the entire group and leading to a lively discussion. We hope to have John F Murray speak to us again.”

Stephen Miller, Speaker Chairperson, Palm Beach Rotary, January, 2009

“John, thanks for spending time with our ladies tennis teams last week. You have a unique way of relating to our “club levelâ€? athletes and making them feel “world classâ€?!!! Your tips on visualization, and relaxation were very well received and I’m sure it will help our ladies to enjoy the game of tennis as well as improve their performance. I’m looking forward to working with you again at IBIS Golf & Country Club!!! The ladies really enjoyed you!! Thanks again!

Chuck Gill, Tennis Director, Ibis Golf and Country Club, January, 2009

“John Murray is a prominent sports psychologist in Palm Beach”

Philip B. Wilson, Indianapolis Star, June, 2009

“Dr. Murray,Thanks again for helping make our recent Ladies Winter Tournament a huge success.  I look forward to working with you again in the near future. In order for an athlete at any level to reach their full potential they will need to work on both the physical and mental hurdles that stand in their way.  Dr. John Murray helps break down these mental hurdles in a manner in which everyone can relate.  Dr. Murray helps outline the importance of goal-setting, visual imagery, and proper routine and will instill the passion and desire to succeed at any level.”

Brad McCollum,
P.G.A. Director of Golf, Ibis Golf & Country Club, January, 2009

John F Murray, a PhD clinical and sport performance psychologist based in Palm Beach, is one of the best in the business.

Howard Bloom, Sports Business News Founder and Publisher

“With the help of Dr. Murray I was able to regain the confidence and willpower to once again achieve world-class success in my sport. Dr. Murray helped me and I feel he can help you maximize your potential too.”

Vincent Spadea, ATP Tour Tennis Professional (reached #10 in world – Champions Race) and #18 in the world after mental coaching and following the longest losing streak in tennis history (21 straight losses). Singles Champion of Scottsdale Open in 2004.

After a speech to the YPO in Salt Lake City, Utah: “Dr. Murray’s principals are as applicable to business as they are to athletics. For example, Dr Murray’s analysis that top Tennis Players often win just a few more points then their opponents in each match demonstrates that fractionally better performance yields substantial returns, and this is true in business as well. After receiving this information from Dr. Murray I pondered how much the company I manage could improve its performance if our sales reps made just one more call a day, or did not lose their focus on the Fridays before three day holiday weekends? Reagan Outdoor Advertising has engaged Dr. Murray as a consultant to find out!”

Dewey Reagan, President and CEO of Reagan Outdoor Advertising, one of the 6th largest outdoor advertising companies in America.

Dr. John F. Murray is arguably the most famous sports psychologist in the world.

Ernie W. Webb III, The Topeka Capital Journal Online

John, you are doing an awesome job at putting “a face” to sports psychology! Keep up the good work!

Cheryl Nowell, Director of Counseling and Psychological Services Center, Florida International University, Miami, Florida

“The game with yourself is often tougher than the battle against any opponent. Smart Tennis (Dr. John F Murray’s book) shows you how to win the inner match while having fun along the way”

Lindsay Davenport, Wimbledon Champion and #1 Player in World

Top sports psychologist Dr John F Murray has a great website dedicated to mental skills and regularly runs coaching workshops in this country. You will find lots of interesting articles and information at

Judy Murray, Founder, Tennis Coach and Mother of Andy Murray, The #1 Ranked Tennis Player in Great Britain

John F. Murray is a nationally renowned sports and clinical psychologist based in Palm Beach, Fla.

Eric Heyl, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

“Dr. Murray, I was given your book Smart Tennis by my wife for Christmas. In January I got laid off from my job. Along with a couple other books I received, I started to read yours first. Not only is your book helping me discover new meanings to the game of Tennis, it also helped me apply goal setting and performance, and somehow comforted me in my search for a new job. So far I’m on my second reading. I just want to thank you for your wisdom in your book. It is helping me to apply the mental skills not only to Tennis, but to life as it is in the present. I read this quote once: “The only way to succeed when you’ve failed before is not to dwell on the past, but to keep your mind on the task before you”. Thanks Dr Murray!”

Jim Fencl

Dr. Murray, Thanks for coming out to the club. It went very well. With you, we have begun to educate players and parents on the importance of the psychological aspect of the game. The game of soccer is no longer just about physical attributes or technical skills. Players need to be exposed to having the right mentality, resilience and confidence to improve as soccer players. You were able to expose our players to these important mental prep concepts.

John Ramos, Director of Coaching and Player Development, Plantation Eagles Soccer Club, Plantation, Florida, February 2006. John is a former professonal soccer player and Sun Sentinel’s Boys Soccer Coach of the Year with a 56 game winning streak and 67-9-7 career record.

Hello John, Thanks a lot for your help this week. You definitely are part of this great performance!!! Take care and I’ll keep in touch.

Ramon Delgado, ATP Tour, after defeating Bobby Reynolds and then having two match points on Andre Agassi before losing in 3 sets in Delray Beach (next time Ramon!). Ramon soon thereafter won the $125,000 Mexico City Championships.

“Wie’s success is the LPGA’s success,” John. F. Murray, a renowned sports psychologist, said in an e-mail. “I think people grasp that. But the fear of Wie is probably real on the LPGA Tour. And there are always people who are threatened by change and find every reason in the world to cling to tradition.”

Jill Painter, LA Daily News

“A former tennis pro, Murray works with professional soccer players, tennis players, football players, including place kickers, and other athletes to train their brains to stay neutral in such situations and not to interfere with the physical ability to make the play.”

Nancy McVicar, Sun-Sentinel

John….YOU WERE A GREAT GUEST…you played along with our sisters well … Again, great information and the on-air product was WONDERFUL! Thanks.

Jennifer Dominguez, Associate Producer, ABC Radio Networks’ Satellite Sisters, a nationally syndicated program which airs on 140 stations and XM radio

“Murray’s not some woo-woo mystic, having earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Loyola of New Orleans and two masters degrees and a Ph.D. from the University of Florida Department of Clinical and Health Psychology. His doctoral dissertation examined psychological factors on the 1996 national-champion Florida Gators.”

Jim Moore, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, before 2006 Super Bowl

“It was a pleasure working with you to develop the PEBHIO experience. Your intuitiveness and knowledge of the sports industry and the needs of today’s athlete helped to create an exceptional product that will revolutionize athletic training in the near future. â€? Regards,

Leyon Hepburn, President of Business Development Laboratories, November, 2005

“Murray, a prominent sports psychologist from Palm Beach, Fla., recommends four steps for building up a team: (1) Modeling — trying to emulate another great team, (2) Start fresh — look out for mood and intensity in games, (3) Self talk — watch out for negative thoughts, (4) Winning.”

Marcus Fuller, St. Paul Pioneer Press

“All across the country, the stigma of mental illness is slowly disappearing. As a result, more and more athletes are willing to discuss their feelings with a professional. One of those well-respected confidants is Dr. John Murray, PhD, who treats NFL players, professional golfers and professional tennis players.”

Sports Illustrated’s Work in Sports, Article by Mike McNulty

“John F. Murray, a well-known Florida sports psychologist calls his point system a “Mental Performance Index” that tabulates such things as “focused execution” and “pressure management,” in other words, how a player uses his head.”

Sid Dorfman, Newark Star Ledger, before 2006 Super Bowl

John, Let me introduce my deepest appreciation, thanks and gratitude for your work here. It’s been a great honor to have a remarkable talent like you in the field of sports psychology in our tennis academy helping us in our mission of “Upgrading Tennis.” Thank you Again and hope to meet you very soon.

Khaled el Shawarby, General Director Middle East, Equelite – Juan Carlos Ferrero Tennis Academies, Wadi Degla Sporting Club, 4th District – Zahraa el Maadi – Cairo, Egypt

Dr. Murray, That’s great you were featured in today’s paper. I’ve told many in Sports that I look forward to your e-mails (which I find inspiring in my competitive line of work) and that I’ve chatted with you on occasion. Again, congrats!

Terry Collins, Reporter, Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Dr. John F. Murray is a noted sports psychologist from Palm Beach, Fla., whose clients have included NFL quarterbacks, Olympians and Vince Spadea, once an afterthought in men’s tennis before he huddled with Murray to reach a No 18 world ranking.”

Terence Moore, Atlanta Journal Constitution

“After a career threatening wrist injury, Dr John F. Murray’s mental strengthening techniques made me get back to the level I was at pre- injury. Last year I returned to the level I was accustomed to. If I didn’t have the mental training, I probably wouldn’t have made the exempt tour two years ago.”

Tommy Deultz Jr. , Pro Bowler, #16 in the world ranking in 2007

“John Murray is one of the nation’s foremost sports psychologists”

Jeffrey Parson, The Wichita Eagle

Dr John F. Murray is a prominent sports psychologist in the United States, where he has worked with many different athletes in overcoming psychological obstacles.

Justin Davis, AFP Correspondent Paris

“Dr. John F. Murray, my good friend and advisor, has helped me a lot. He is well known and respected in his work with professional athletes, executives and celebrities and I’m very happy to be able to make these comments.â€?

Rik Von Nutter, Movie Actor. Appeared with Sean Connery in the James Bond movie “Thunderball,â€? (as CIA agent Felix Leiter), with NFL legend Jim Brown in “Pacific Inferno,â€? and with Peter Ustinov and Sandra Dee in “Romanoff and Juliet.â€?

“Smart Tennis by John Murray has been Tennis Server’s top selling book over the past six years, and his Mental Equipment column archives on our site remain one of the most popular destinations for visitors. When it comes to the mental side of the game, John keeps you a head ahead of the competition!”

Cliff Kurtzman, Publisher, Tennis Server

“Your research went very well and your attitude toward the players on the 1996 National Champion Florida Gators football team was just right, balancing a friendly yet disciplined approach.”

Chris Patrick, University of Florida Assistant Athletic Director, 1997

“Thanks for all your help and support. I truly appreciate all that you’ve done for me. I look to having you play an important role in my success.”

Eric Taino, ATP Tour Tennis Professional ranked as high as top 50 in the world

John Murray is one of the world’s best sport psychologists and his workshops are well received and successful”

Paul Barton, LTA Tennis Coach in London and Founder of London Tennis LTD.

“You did a great job with our starting quarterback and we appreciate all your help with the mental coaching to help the quarterback overcome a slump and win again”

General Manager , NFL Football Team

“Thanks for the two-day workshop. I really enjoyed it and found it of huge benefit! Have a safe journey home. When I next come over to the States, mine is a beer!”

Barry Cowan, British ATP Tour Tennis Professional who took Pete Sampras to 5 sets at the 2001 Wimbledon

“Dr. John F. Murray is one of the foremost psychologists in the country.”

Mike Barz, FOX Television Morning News Anchor

“John, I like what you are doing with the mental rating in football (“MPIâ€?). The mental game is so important in football, but many don’t realize this.”

Ron Sellers, former NFL receiver, radio interview on WAXY 790 AM in Miami, 2002

“Thank you very much for your work identifying individual differences within our department with your personality assessment. You did an excellent job and everyone benefited”

City of Boca Raton , Human Resources Department

“Your stress management workshops were extremely well received”

Amerijet Corporation , Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

“Thank you very much Dr. Murray. The sport psychology seminar was an awesome learning experience and I really enjoyed it.”

Ritwik Bhattacharya, #1 Ranked Squash Player from India, 2003

“I just want to thank you very much. During the Olympic trials I went over the 5 steps you gave me before every dive and I know it helped tremendously”

Michelle Davison, USA Olympic Springboard diver

“John has been the most energetic, eager to learn, conscientous, reliable, and futuristic intern that I have ever supervised. His congenial and positive attitude are a tremendous compliment to his well-read, scientific, and research-oriented background … a professional with a multitude of skills.”

Dr. N. James Bauman, Current Olympic Sport Psychologist, writing in 1998 after Dr. Murray completed an internship with Dr. Bauman in the Washington State University Athletic Department and Counseling Center.

“John worked extensively with the tennis team–who had the best season in their history–and also with the football team–who went to the Rose Bowl for the first time in 67 years…John is thoroughly experienced in the practice of psychology, and especially so in Sport Psychology”

Rob Ragatz, Ph.D, Coordinator of Internship at Washington State University, 1998.

“I would like to express our gratitude for your time and lecture last week. I must say I was quite impressed. I would also like to believe it was worth at least 5 points. We beat Glades Day 21-16! What a sweet win!

Ron Ream, Athletic Director & Head Football Coach, The Benjamin School, North Palm Beach, Florida, 2000

“John Murray has helped professional tennis players, top golfers, and athletes at major colleges and universities remain confident, defeat fear, stay focused, and expect success.”

Boca Raton News, Front Page Story with Photo, October 16, 2000

I look forward to sharing the great benefits of sports psychology