Sports Psychology Workshop Videos and Spadea

Wimbledon, England – Special to – It was a long time since Vince Spadea had won at Wimbledon, not to mention that he had not won anywhere in a while. “It was good to see the scrappy veteran prove that when the going gets tough, the rapper gets going in a decisive 3 set victory over Paul Capdeville 6-0, 6-4, 7-5,” said sports psychologist Dr. John F. Murray. “It was especially rewarding for me that his success came right on the heels of the 2009 Smart Tennis Sports Psychology Workshops held two days prior, and not too far from the All England Lawn Tennis Club.” Videos of this workshop in several parts are now available on YouTube.

“The British tennis fan and serious amateur competitive tennis player love Vince Spadea,” said Murray. “They tell me that they enjoy his personality and outspoken nature the way they loved John McEnroe, even if their reviews of his musical abilities are mixed.” “He’s eccentric, and the British people are too conservative, so he helps keep us balanced,” said one tennis player who recently attended Murray’s sports psychology workshop.

Murray has been working with and supporting Spadea since his record losing streak and subsequent comeback, and officially coached Spadea to a win over his next Wimbledon opponent, Igor Andreev, at the 2007 Australian Open. “I’ve not traveled with him this year as a fill-in coach. I stick to sports psychology most of the time from my office and usually meet with him when he is in town. Australia was a fun trip in ’07 and I got several coaching wins with him on the Aussie Open tour, but it’s almost unheard of for a sports psychologist to assume the coaching role, even if temporarily, but I had been a tennis coach in the past. What works best for most players, and is really lacking, is solid training in sports psychology”.”

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  1. admin says:

    Great ideas Mark and thanks for your comments. Maybe you would also like to attend a future workshop!

  2. mark says:

    I enjoyed watching and listening to various comments of the players. I commend you for your efforts of hosting a workshop in the UK. I also immensely enjoyed your introduction of the Bed and Breakfast with a brief tour of the locale. You should do more of this type of commentary interspersed with clips from the workshop. Enjoy your trip to Wimbledon and I am sincerely looking forward to more of your videos, comments, thoughts and ideas. Yes, we (the kids and I) have read your book “Smart Tennis” and we try to implement many of your ideas (but some of the ideas aren’t very easy accepted by my kids). Enjoy. Have fun. Looking forwards to more commentary.

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