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9 Top Domain Names up for Auction

Special Offer from – Palm Beach, FL – November 6, 2008 – Domain name bargain hunters should be quite excited by this one. Dr. John F. Murray, clinical and sports psychologist in Palm Beach, Florida, who has been collecting some of the best domain names for years, has decided to reduce his inventory of domain names in a series of auctions being held at the auction house listed at

Starting today, 9 domain names were listed. They include:,,,,,,, and

“I have so many domain names that I found that it was time to reduce those that I am not using currently, but I am sure that many people will see the value in these names,” said Murray from his office in Palm Beach. When asked which of the first 9 were most valuable, Murray stated, “I really like,, and the best overall, but some might find the others more useful given their needs. has a recent certified appraisal by GoDaddy for $451.00 – $1,270.00.,, and are probably worth even more, and and have certified appraisals pending which should be completed by Monday morning. All domains are being listed for $10 starting bid.”

Anyone who would like to bid on any of these first 9 names need only open an account at for about $5 a year, or contact Dr. Murray directly with an offer at 561-596-9898 or send an email to