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Halloween Wishes to All

Special to – Spooky Update to Friends – By John F Murray – October 29, 2009 – A few new items for you today as an update. Happy Reading and Happy Listening!

(1) The audio archive of mental tips is really growing. The ones you might not yet have heard are on (a) how to time travel, (b) inner fire, (c) what to do after success, (d) anger management, (e) the formula for success, (f) from complex to simple, and finally (g) coping mentally with injuries. All the articles can be found at Kiki Vale’s Chicago radio show site at: with the exception of the most recent one on dealing mentally with injuries, which is off the main page of her site at: (scroll down on the right).

(2) I also posted my September and October columns from Florida Tennis Magazine at:

Here were the top two choices for scary Halloween costumes:

(1) Phillip and Nancy Garrido Masks (very creepy … I realize)
(2) Bernie Madoff Masks (always sold out in Palm Beach)

The Music Video of the Week:

This page is getting tons of hits as index for music videos of the week at:

6 songs so far have been selected that represent inspirational songs or songs that can really move you in some way, and they were picked with reader input. Every Monday I look at my options and select a new one. Please send your suggestions today so I will have more to choose from. Here is a list of the songs picked so far so you can listen and watch how great these songs really are! My three favorites so far are Al Green, The Hollies, and Diana Krall.

(1) Al Green – “Let’s Stay Togetherâ€? at:

(2) The Hollies – “Long Cool Woman in a Black Dressâ€? at:

(3) The Beatles – “Here, There and Everywhereâ€? at:

(4) Michael Jackson – “Thrillerâ€? at:

(5) Judson Laipply – “Evolution of Danceâ€? at:

(6) Diana Krall – “The Look of Loveâ€? at:


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Sports Psychologist Dr. John F Murray Launches New Podcast Tips on Mental Skills


Hear All the Podcasts Here. They are Posted One Week After Appearing on Kiki Vale’s Radio Show Site in Chicago.

Palm Beach, Florida – July 21, 2009 – Athletes, business executives, sales associates, and performing artists just gained a new source of information and inspiration for their performances at work and play. Dr. John F Murray, clinical and sports psychologist in Palm Beach, Florida, today launched a new podcast program consisting of brief two minute sports psychology segments. The first show on confidence was posted today on Chicago radio show host Kiki Vale’s website.

“Kiki has had me as a guest on her popular Chicago radio show about six or seven times over the years we’ve developed a great rapport and friendship as we share the same passion for helping others with cutting edge advice. She loves sports psychology and I’m thrilled to be able to share my tips with her listeners,” said Murray.

Dr. Murray is the author of the best-selling book “Smart Tennis: How to Play and Win the Mental Game.” He has written hundreds of columns in popular magazines and appears on national television and radio to discuss the psychology of sport. Murray has been pegged “the most quoted psychologist in America” with almost daily contributions to thousands of newspapers including USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times. The Washington Post called Murray the “Freud of Football” and Tennis Week magazine called him the “Roger Federer of Sports Psychologists.”